Bringing original tv/film content to the decentralized internet

With a streaming p2p model that reduces the cost of content delivery incurred by traditional backbone providers by up to 85%


Rewards for Endusers.

Royalties for Content Creators.



Incentives for endusers for their peer uptime, rewarding them with Evertell tokens that they can use to pay for premium content or transfer to a coin exchange.

Direct funding for projects and film for any projects crowdfunded on the Evertell platform for a chance for profit share.

Profit share will be available for all token holders based on the percentages they hold based on the existing Evertell token supply at product launch.


Incentives for independent artists, content providers, and traditional studios will be offered royalties for subscription access of their content and paid based on aggregate hours streamed by endusers worldwide.

Artists independent of Evertell will maintain 100% ownership of their content on a non-exclusive contract they may opt out of at anytime.

Trade Partners